Choosing the right attorney is serious task. As one of a trusted Canadian immigration law firms, El Sayed Law will ensure that your application receives impeccable attention to detail. –  High quality legal representation

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Immigration Law

Elsayed Law represents clients in a wide array of immigration and refugee matters. We specialize in a variety of immigration matters including but not limited to applications for permanent residence, family sponsorships, student visas, work permits and citizenship applications. While some of these applications may seem straightforward, each case has a fact scenario that impacts the processing time and the outcome of it. At Elsayed Law, we make sure that your application is thoroughly completed with expert eyes, avoiding application delays.


Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants into the country every year, making us one of the  most multicultural countries in the world. Immigrating to Canada can be an elaborate and lengthy process. Often the best way to guarantee there aren’t unnecessary difficulties when entering, visiting or moving to Canada, is to work with an authorized and skilled legal representative. The federal government is constantly providing updates surrounding entrance visas, sponsorship and permanent residency applications. Elsayed Law aids clients in navigating these legal mazes, and buys you peace of mind.

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